EYTCC2018 » Romania is European Champion!

Romania is European Champion!
18.07.2018 - 08:51 von KS

The German fans had hoped until the end that even at 1.5: 1.5 between Germany 1 and Romania: Everything could have happened in a very confused position on board 3. But in the end the Romanians deservedly won the European Championship 2018 in the U18 Open in Bad Blankenburg. Congratulations!

The round got off to an exciting start, Vincent Keymer gained a strong position and apparently effortlessly exploited it. Roven Vogel, however, overlooked a very strong tactical idea of his opponent, which cost him a pawn. He fought over many moves, but in the end he had to admit defeat. Raphael Lagunow on board 4 did not get out against his opponent about the division of points, so that the well-being of the German team hung on Julian Martin . . . with the outcome just mentioned.

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