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EYTCC2018 » Fighting is going on!

Fighting is going on!
16.07.2018 - 09:06 von KS

The first phase of time was over, when both the soccer player in the Moscow stadium and all the boards of the match between the leader Romania and second-placed Poland at EYTCC were playing. This shows how intensive things are here in Bad Blankenburg in Thuringia. Because all teams did come to Germany with high goals, no half point will be given away.

Poland took the lead on board 2 thanks to a black win, but had to give the two whiteboards draws. So one team point was certain, but the big tremor started if it would be enough to win. Because at board 4 Romania was on profit, but with one of the most unpleasant situations you can imagine and with which you can embarrass yourself. Vasiesiu had fought his way back into the match from a losing position and now had to win against the king with knight and bishop. He did this with dreamlike confidence and led Romania to 2-2 against the strong Poles! read more...
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EYTCC2018 » The chess-classics with Andreas Jagodzinsky

The chess-classics with Andreas Jagodzinsky
15.07.2018 - 22:54 von KS

"Why are the games and the old grandmasters still being dealt with," Jagodzinsky begins his lecture. The question was addressed to the players who attended this event.

A player answers: "So that we can learn the tactics of the game. “

This would only be a quote from a coach, Jagodzinsky replied. In the same breath he asked the coach Tatjana Melamed to present whether this was true. She just laughed.
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EYTCC2018 » Summer, sun and even more chess

Summer, sun and even more chess
14.07.2018 - 23:52 von KS

The organization has established itself by now. The coffee and the food are punctually in the game room, there are daily reports, the pairings and rankings are posted informatively, the food tastes good and the sun shines, as if she also likes what is going on here in Bad Blankenburg.

The young people can also enjoy the sun outside before and after the game, play soccer or go swimming.

The focus, of course, is on the chess part, because this is not about a flowerpot, but about winning a European Championship. The games of the 3rd round were correspondingly exciting and fiercely contested. At table 1 of the U18 Austria and Poland met. The Poles quickly took the lead thanks to board 4 Szustakowski. 2 draws later, the welfare of the Austrians hung on Board 2, where the undefeated Felix Blohberger had to put pressure on Szymon Gumularz to score another 2-2. The young Pole had sacrificed a figure early on, but the compensation, or at least the full compensation for it, remained questionable. Blohberger remained cool and scored the point to a draw.

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