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  Hungary and Germany 1 leading the table
14.07.2018 von KS

This will probably be the shortest report about a round of the entire tournament, because this morning only the U12 female was playing. The First match to be over was between the Czech Republic and Germany 1. Luisa Bashylina set her opponents relatively early with the help of Qg7 checkmate! This made the task easier for Svenja Butenandt, who exchanged everything against her opponent Anna Voriskova, until a "dead-draw” final with 2 rooks on the board did not allow anything else but the division of points.

This put Hungary, which had previously led together with Germany 1, under pressure. But the Magyars were not impressed by the quick victory of the German team. On board 1 the German Saskia Pohle had to accept a defeat. It didn't look good on board 2 either. Molli Amina Markus played without danger to win and at the end Germany 2 had no chance to give Germany 1 “shooting assistance”.

For Germany 3 it was not a happy morning. Anouk Lorenz was running out of time and that meant for Margarete Wagner that she had to get the coals out of the fire. She had one more pawn, but her king was dancing around on a3 and was in constant danger of being mate attacked by the black queen and the black rook. That cost her a pawn and in the end the game ended in draws so that France could win the fight.

Hungary against Germany 1, seems to be the duel that will decide on the first "Team Youth European Champion" in the U12 female.

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