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  Fighting is going on!
16.07.2018 von KS

The first phase of time was over, when both the soccer player in the Moscow stadium and all the boards of the match between the leader Romania and second-placed Poland at EYTCC were playing. This shows how intensive things are here in Bad Blankenburg in Thuringia. Because all teams did come to Germany with high goals, no half point will be given away.

Poland took the lead on board 2 thanks to a black win, but had to give the two whiteboards draws. So one team point was certain, but the big tremor started if it would be enough to win. Because at board 4 Romania was on profit, but with one of the most unpleasant situations you can imagine and with which you can embarrass yourself. Vasiesiu had fought his way back into the match from a losing position and now had to win against the king with knight and bishop. He did this with dreamlike confidence and led Romania to 2-2 against the strong Poles!

Germany 2 saw no trick against Austria today, the Austrians won calmly with 1:3, the two half points for Germany 2 were earned by Emil Schmidek and Valentin Buckels.

Germany 1 stumbled . . . but did not fall against the strongly playing team from Slovenia. Roven Vogel had quickly reached a very pleasant position and confirmed his impressive form with an unchallenged victory with the white stones. Vincent Keymer on board 2, however, had bigger problems and found himself in a rook and bishop's final with a pawn less, so that he lost in the end. But the team still had the 2.5 board points needed to win the match. Julian Martin held his unpleasant position with a quality more for 2 pawns to draws, while Raphael Lagunow collected the full point in a superior final on board 4.

Germany 1 should remain the only successful German team in the U18 Open, because as for Germany 2 it set a bitter defeat for Germany 3.

First Alexander Rieß won a beautifully led game, in which he proved that bishops of different colors with corresponding attack possibilities are not always draws. Technically perfect with a short rook sacrifice. Thus Germany 2 seemed to have at least the team fight already safe, because Daniel Kopylov had a very strong position, which he unfortunately could not win. Luis Engel on board 1 had to give up soon. He always felt advantage from the opening until he forced his opponent to give 2 bishops for a tower. This also looked good, but suddenly a white pawn developed into a dangerous passed pawn. Luis could no longer stop him, although he tried hard. Jakob Pajeken also fought for so long that he played the penultimate game of the entire tournament. But Olga Badelka kept her winning position and won the match for Belarus.

In the "Last Chance" match between Israel and Hungary, Israel clearly won 3-1. But the heroes of the day are our friends from Turkey. As already mentioned in previous reports, the Turkish teams play far above their Elo numbers. This was felt today by Denmark, which have been overrun with a grandiose 3.5:0.5.

It's a pity for the likeable team from Denmark, but it's a great story of this tournament. At the last table, the Czech Republic beat Slovakia.

In the U18 female Fiona Sieber continued to show her impressive form and came to her fourth point in the fourth game. But Poland stayed on top, as Oliwia Kiolbasa managed to get to the full point against Jana Schneider. Nevertheless, this is the first point of loss for the Polish duo, who have so far gone through the tournament without any flaws. Slovenia 1 took advantage of the opportunity to close the gap with Poland by beating Romania 1.5: 0.5. The victory point for the Slovenians came from Monika Rozman.

That's exactly what the second Slovenian team wanted to do, but it didn't get over a 1:1 against the strong Croatian team. In the remaining rounds, not only will the race for first place remain exciting, but also which of the Slovenian teams will be ahead in the end.

A big surprise occurred at table 4, where Germany 2 went down against Germany 3 without a chance. Lara Schulze, who has played a very strong tournament so far, lost a pawn quite early against Ann-Marie Mütsch with black, for example.

Germany 4 is playing a very strong tournament so far. Also this round the two girls managed a 1-1 against a strong team. This time Hungary could not defeat the fourth German team and Turkey also caused a surprise in the U18 female by beating the number 1 in the seed list by 1-1. An unbelievably strong performance of the Turkish selection. On the last board, the Czechs won against Israel with 1.5: 0.5.

Israel and Turkey are the leading teams in the U12 Open. Both continue their circles. As mentioned in the preliminary report (on the German website), the Israelis were by no means favored against Hungary. Simon Fule was the only Hungarian who could achieve anything countable for the Hungarians with a victory today. The dissatisfaction was also evident to the Hungarian coach. Israel seems to be going to the board with the right attitude and very well prepared.

Germany 2 played against the increased Belarusians: due to visa problems some players could only arrive later and it is already a difference whether on the last board someone sits with 1500 or 1900. Germany 2 fought back bravely. Dominik Laux won his game and Jonas Eilenberg achieved a draw in a worse position. Bao Bui, however, had to accept a defeat on the first board, so that all eyes were once again directed at the 4th board Nikita Schubert. His position deteriorated and in the end he was unable to do anything against Mikhei Navumenka's mate attack. A bitter defeat.

Germany 3, however, was mute to celebrate: This was also evident from Bennet Hagner's spontaneous cry of joy when he learned that Marius Deuer could win the last game at 1.5: 1.5. Previously, Bennet himself, once again in a very confusing game, had ensured a victory. Magnus Ermitsch then had to admit his defeat and afterwards he was visibly annoyed that Croatia also lost the World Cup final. Not a good day for Berlin's great talent. Nikolai Nitsche contributed the half point.

And then there is the quartet from Turkey, which so far has played completely above all expectations. Today, how is the new youth word in chess here?!, Germany 1 was "shaved". The first German team could only claim half a board point at the end of the day.

The parable of the same step has probably already been used too often in this context. Again in this round, the two front-running teams Hungary and Germany 1 each won 1.5: 0.5. This time it was Germany 1, who was about to give something away, because board 1 Luisa Bashylina lost a pawn against Saskia Pohle quite early. But Luisa fought and held draws, while her colleague Svenja Butenandt made the full point. Germany 2 scored a point thanks to a victory of Margarete Wagner against the Czech Republic. The Hungarian women Zsoka Gaal and Molli Amina Markus, already mentioned, won 1.5 thanks to Gaal and thus, together with Germany, remains the front runner.

Tomorrow is a double round for the U12, so all forces must be mobilized, because Monday is the last day for the U 12 where 4 team points are to be won.

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